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Common Problems 

Many people experience problems with anxiety, depression or other issues. Typically, we learned to live with the problems we're experiencing and develop "work arounds". These usually mean avoiding something, and whilst they may work, they usually make out lives a little bit harder. 

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Anxiety can affect us in lots of different ways. Some people have problems with generalised anxiety, where we find ourselves worrying too much about anything and everything. Some people find themselves experiencing anxiety about certain specific issues, it can lead to sleep disturbance, avoiding things problems with concentration. 

Psychology Session
Sad on Couch


Depression can have a huge impact on our lives. One of its major issues is that it doesn't feel like many people expect it to. Most people experience a lack of motivation, general "flatness" in their mood and problems sleeping. It's not unusual to see problems with appetite, concentration and lethargy. 

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